FAQs for Models

  • Is this an agency? What is this exactly?

No, Unsigned is not an agency or a management. It is mainly a scouting agency that scouts freelance models. We are also part modeling agency, as we receive client bookings for our models and part mother agency as we are in contact with several agencies that are interested in signing our models. However, our priority is to scout models and there is no contract that binds our models, anyone who joins the platform remains an independent model.

  • What is your mission?

Our mission is to break the norm and bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the modeling industry. We achieve this by representing the under-represented who are evidently models of color and introducing unique faces that go against beauty standards and colorism.

  • What is the process?

We scout models on social media and the streets. Afterwards, we contact them to schedule a meeting (to confirm their looks in-person if scouted on social media). Then we move forward with shooting their digitals and taking their measurements for our website. If they already have updated digitals, we will use those instead. For those who we cannot meet in person to take their digitals, we will give them guidelines on how to take one on their smart phone or we will assign a contributor in their location to do so (if available).

  • Are there any fees to join and do we pay for the digitals?

No, it is completely free without any hidden fees.

  • Who can submit?

Only models of color, therefore, anyone who is not white or of European parentage.

  • Age requirement?


  • Do you respond to everyone who submits?

Due to the overwhelming influx of submissions, we are only able to respond to those who we are interested in. Unfortunately, if you do not hear back from us, it means that we are not interested.

  • Are there any offered benefits for non-members?

Yes! Members and non-members can subscribe to our mailing list to receive castings and tips on modeling. There is a pop up on the home page to sign up.

  • Is this platform only available to those in the U.S?

No, we are worldwide!

  • Can clients/agencies contact models directly?

No, model contact information will not be made available to the public. Every booking/agency scouting will be done through us.

  • What constitutes as being booked through this platform exactly?

Being contacted via social media or our website in regards to booking our models for jobs. Although our priority is to scout models, not find them jobs, we receive several client requests and are in contact with multiple agencies. Every decision will be made on the model’s terms. We have no say in the decision-making; we only serve as a link to our models.

  • So why not just provide model’s contact info to save you all the hassles?

This is the only way we are able to track our progress and level of exposure. We will not truly know how helpful our platform is unless we oversee all bookings and scouting. Also, this is a security measure to ensure that anyone who tries to contact our models is legit and verified. We are however, not responsible for featured models as we do not manage them.

  • Do you build models' portfolio?

No, we are a scouting agency, not a modeling agency and so, we do not develop our models. We only scout unique faces and provide a platform for unsigned models. However, when we receive client bookings, that contributes towards the model's portfolio.

  • Do you take commissions from bookings?

Yes, we take 20% of all bookings made via our platform and payment agreements must be signed by both parties.

  • Are there any contracts?

No, there are no contracts, just payment agreements.

  • Will there be collaborative offers?

Yes, there will be creatives (photographers, MUAs, stylists, etc) who will be interested in collaborating with our models. It is up to the model however, to decide on whether to move forward or not.

  • What if we get signed after becoming a member?

You will be moved to the "Now Signed" department and referred to your agency if requested by a client.

FAQs for Clients

  • Rates?

If the client provides a fixed rate, we will inform the models. Otherwise, rates are dependent on hours and type of job and are provided by the model. Every decision is made on the model's terms.

  • How do we go about booking models?

First, make a list of models ranked in your level of preference. We do this to provide back up model(s) if the desired model(s) is/are unavailable. Along with this list, email us a PDF which must include the following: mood board, inspiration (style & make-up), location, full creative team and magazines (if submission is considered). This is very important.

  • Paid/unpaid opportunity?

Paid or unpaid, we will need all the information above. Again, models make the final decision.

  • Can creatives (photographers, MUAs, stylists, etc.) book models on a collaborative basis (no pay)?

Yes! As long as the desired model is interested!

  • Can models be contacted directly?

No, every booking is made through us.

FAQs for Contributors

  • What positions are needed?

At the moment, we are looking for photographers, scouts and assistants.

  • At what locations?


  • Is this a paid opportunity?

Unfortunately, it is not because we are just starting out. It is on our to-do list though.

  • Can creatives (photographers, MUAs, stylists, etc.) book models on a collaborative basis (no pay)?

Yes! As long as the desired model is interested!

  • Can creatives contact models directly?

No, every booking is made through us.

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